Sometimes it happens out of necessity, sometimes it happens because we want it too. It does not make any difference when you’re traveling with children and more so with babies you need to be prepared!
Here’s the tips and tricks that we’ve collected for you! Add your own suggestions in the comments section, other mums will surely appreciate it.

Be prepared

Traveling with babies can be a harrowing experience, extremely stressful and sleepless. Power through it, you may be tempted to bail and return home, keep going and do your best to relax, eventually your baby will adjust!
Pro Tip: Prepare yourself mentally beforehand, this state of readiness will help you deal with the emotions and stress

Travel light

Its bad enough that besides your luggage you’ve got to carry around an 8 pound plus baby. Only take the essentials, leave the luxuries behind. (Unless you’re off to the Antarctic or Sub Saharan Africa chances are if you’re desperate you’ll easily find a baby shop.
Pro Tip: Purchase travel friendly goods like inflatable baby beds. See our store for more

But take everything you need

Baby’s are not only demanding but the items you will need are also very specific to your situation. Understand the place that you’re going to and try to picture all his / her requirements, nothing more nothing less. This is our basic list, you can use it as a guide.
Pro Tip: Sit down, pour a glass of wine, brainstorm and take notes .

  • Diapers (See if you can buy at your destination in advance)
  • Pads (For under your baby during diaper changes)
  • Blankets (These can double up as pillows for you too)
  • Plastic bags(Take different sizes)
  • Diaper rash cream (Grumpy babies are no fun to travel with)
  • Tissues and Wipes (You can never have enough)
  • Travel bottles of disinfecting hand gel, baby wash, and baby lotion
  • Pacifiers (and a spare)
  • Favorite toys (Smaller is better where possible)
  • Clothes and shoes (2 outfits a day is a good rule of thumb)
  • Washable bibs (Key word being washable)
  • Sun hat (Be conscious of your baby’s delicate skin)
  • Lightweight plastic feeding set with utensils
  • Food?
  • Extra bottles, nipples, and cups (if appropriate)
  • Energy-boosting snacks (These are for you, you’ll need them)
  • Breast pump (if you use one)
  • Nightlight (Incredibly handy)
  • First-aid kit (Just in case)
  • Baby pain reliever and supplies for treating minor injuries (Again… Just in case)
  • Sling or front carrier (To keep your baby close and you hands free in airports etc)
  • Portable crib and/or play yard (Think lightweight)
  • Inflatable baby bathtub (Again think lightweight)
  • Rent or take a car seat for safe travel
  • Collapsible stroller (See if you can rent one when you arrive before you arrive)

Wear your baby

Front carriers or backpacks are excellent for keeping baby close, traveling light and keeping your hands free.
Pro Tip: Make sure you test these out at home. Your baby might not like them, your back might not like them either…and you don’t want to be stuck with a bad back and a screaming baby in a foreign land

Stick to your usual game plan

Repeat the same rituals as you do at home where possible, e.g. if you sing or bath your baby before bed then do it while you travel too.

Adjust in advance

If there’s going to be time zone changes especially drastic ones, get up earlier or stay up late for a few days beforehand to adjust before you go.

Trial Runs

Test out your babies travel gear before you’re forced to use it out of necessity, you may find that baby doesn’t like something at all and you’d need an alternative.

The right room

Choose the right room at your Hotel, make sure you have enough space, kitchen facilities are a luxury you will appreciate whilst a noisy room could destroy you
Pro Tip: Advise the hotel you are traveling with a baby and you require a quiet room etc and any other amenities you might need

You’ve got to eat

Don’t give up on eating out and be ready to bend the rules. Take ample distractions, be ready to eat if your baby falls asleep.
Pro Tip: A portable dvd player is cheating but you’re on holiday, you deserve it so you can take shortcuts to keep baby distracted

Walk and walk again

Some babies struggle to adjust to cribs, take your baby out on walks beforehand and get her used to sleeping in the stroller or pushchair. This will also allow you to see the place you’re traveling to without worrying that your baby inst getting enough sleep



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